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Mïrändä – I Am Art Review

The umlaut of art pop

Sounds Like…

Eurovision does Art Pop.

The review

Mïrändä is a very difficult artist to describe because although you could say she does artistic pop music, it doesn’t really cover the breadth of her style. Her latest EP ‘I Am Art’ is a compelling showcase for her talents. It feels like what would happen if Eurovision chucked all their stylish art-pop tracks in a blender and let the party play out.


‘I Am Art’ opens the collection with a stunning cross over track of modern-day Europop and retro synth work. The chorus takes the beat and slows it down to an operatic Middle Eastern ethereal pop section. It reminds me a little of Sia but pulling from more extreme opposites. The track is a perfect way to introduce you to how Mïrändä works. Nothing feels like it should sit so easily together as it does… and you are having a jam with her at the same time. ‘Stay’ is a fast-paced rock-pop number that has a thunderous drum and bassline that sounds like it’s come from a sped-up Western movie. Then over the top comes big guitars, a harpsichord and some 80’s Cyndi Lauper synths. It sounds like it should be a car crash but it really works and Mïrändä’s voice holds a continuous thread that keeps it all together. It is surprisingly rousing. The closing track is ‘Formula’ then flits between electropop dance choruses and reggae beat verses. Again, its the vocals and the clever keyboard work that keeps a thread of flow that works and some subtle step switches that allow for smooth transitions.

What ‘I Am Art’ shows is that whilst there are vastly different musical elements in play, Mïrändä is the queen of her domains. She is able to command all these different elements together and make really neat subtle transitions between them all that make sense and surprise in equal measure. This girl is absolutely one to watch for quirky but catchy pop.

Recommended track: I Am Art

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Mïrändä - I Am Art



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