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The Go! Team – Get Up Sequences Part One Review

Sounds like…

Happiness in a half-hour party blender.

The review

After a few albums of chasing song structures, the chameleon six-piece band The Go! Team continue their happy vibes with a return to their roots. ‘Get Up Sequences Part One’ is a sugary old skool hip-hop and indie-soul cross over album with indie-pop gloss. Fun, energetic, celebratory and in full bloom, it serves as another reminder of The Go! Team’s pull.

The sadly brief 31-minute album largely eschews the rockier elements the band have had before for something more hip-hop and soul focused. Crunched beats, playground vocals, squashed brass and retro cassette vibes are king here. The 70’s shimmer in the organs and guitars when they are used. The fun ‘Freedom Now’ sounds like a cop chase theme. These tracks are few and far between though. That is why it’s a bit like returning full circle for The Go! Team. ‘Pow’ is up there with their greatest, with mellotron tape noises, chirpy raps and nursery rhyme riffs on the organs and brass. It is so celebratory you can’t help but groove to it. ‘Cookie Scene’ and ‘We Do it but Never Know Why’ are other big highlights too early on.

The Go Team
The Go! Team

With this album especially, there is a great return of found sounds and Bollywood style production. Sirens, crowd noises, 70’s psyche voice-overs and hippy flower power pours out on tracks like ‘I Loved You Better’. ‘A Bee Without its Sting’ is a Jackson 5 smash hit with a serious edge to it, just released in 2021. The melodies are upbeat and give me vintage supermarket elevator music feels. Now with added theremin, of course, because you know… The Go! Team. Part of the fun is finding all the quirky samples and sounds they’ve used around their rotating vocalists. ‘Tame the Great Plains’ lets The Go! Team shine on their instruments too. It is a lost Billy Hatcher and The Giant Egg theme I swear!

If I was being critical, the album doesn’t really push for anything new. This is The Go! Team doing what they do and what they do superbly. Whilst it’s a little more soul-based this time around, it is a subtle change. I have no problems with the lack of change as no one really nails this vintage indie-soul-hop-rock combo quite like The Go! Team. If you just want some happy and raucous smiles, ‘Get Up Sequence Part One’ has you covered. Just don’t expect anything shockingly new, it’s the team we all know and love. It’s perfectly timed for a summer release too, especially if you are in a part of the world opening up post-pandemic. Anthems for a picnic in the park? Hell yes.

Recommended track: Pow

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The Go! Team - Get Up Sequence Part One



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