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Flight Mode – TX, ’98 Review

Welcome to emo rock 1998.

Sounds like…

Emo nostalgia.

The review

Everything about Oslo based Flight Mode EP ‘TX, ’98’ takes me back to 1998 too. From the indie guitar jangles to the sad emo chords and lilting vocals, it is like emo rock has never moved on. For me, that is a great boon when a band is able to sound cohesive, heavy and emotional. Flight Mode tap into all this and more.

Opening track ‘Sixteen’ is a huge power chord jamboree. From the Green Day feels in the quieter verses, the verses are huge chugs of guitar and whiny vocals to lament on. Flight Mode says that the EP is designed to evoke musical nostalgia and as a guy in his late 30’s, this is definitely my nostalgia vibe. MTV, when it was good (well it was on the turn by 1998 but still, a good vibe). All the hurt feels of late school. Angry sad riffs stuck in your head. Yes please then and yes please today.

photo of Flight Mode
Flight Mode

It’s the other tracks that round out Flight Mode’s skill as a band though. ‘Fossil Fuel’ is one of the best indie rock tracks I’ve heard this year. Its mid-tempo noodling is hidden by its sludgy Americana settings but there’s a lot of complexity here. It’s how I’d imagine Sig Ros frontman Jonsi doing emo rock. ‘Animals’ and ‘Go’ back this up too. They are slower tracks but no less effective and their vocal style of being a little higher pitched and sensitive shines here. Don’t come to ‘TX, ’98’ for screamo moments – this is all about perfecting the rock about to breakdown feel.

A fine EP, recorded as a one-off no rehearsal get together between band members of Monzano, Dråpe and Youth Pictures of Florence Henderson, it appears to be a completely isolated release. There is real chemistry here though so I hope they get the opportunity to get together and explore it again someday soon. In the meantime, get your emo nostalgia right here. Drink up, the cool aid’s good.

Recommended track: Fossil Fuel

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Flight Mode - TX, '98



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