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Introducing… Citrus Country

When dream rock comes from a rowdy soul

Citrus Country is London based artist Milo McNaulty reinventing himself under a new artist name. Previously known as Morning Smoke and Method Actress, the musician and songwriter began writing new music that didn’t quite fit the mould of his previous ‘wall of sound’ rock Morning Smoke provided. In teaming up with producer Chris Zane, whom I know from Passion Pit’s music, Citrus Country is an altogether more dreamy rock. Whilst it still has some throwbacks to his more punk-noise music, it has more in common with 80’s new wave but through the lens of a shoegazer.

The first of three singles is called ‘This Heat’ and it came out last week. The track is about questioning your identity and life purpose. It’s melancholy but also channels its dissatisfaction into a strong beat and chorus. Enjoy ‘This Heat’ below.

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