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Gracie and Rachel – A Whisper Becomes A Shout Review

Hushed voices and delicate arrangements.

Sounds like…

A chilled hushed reimagining of their chamber pop album.

The review

Gracie and Rachel usually make absolutely stellar chamber pop. Fully of smooth but darkly tinged vocals and some fantastic string arrangements over their pianos and drums, they’ve crafted a sound that sits somewhere between Enya and a post-2001 Tori Amos. ‘A Whisper Becomes A Shout’ takes three tracks from their most recent album and reimagines them as sultry, almost whispered trip-hop tracks. It is different, not necessarily better, but a bold and elegant exploration into new territory.

photo of Gracie and Rachel
Gracie and Rachel

The two tracks that take from the trip-hop genre are ‘Trust’ and ‘Undo’. Both take very minimal but warm keyboards, the original tracks string arrangements and then adds a new vocal delivery to them. The vocals are so fragile and delicate, the fact each track has “(a whisper)” after each of them tells you the intent is to create lullaby versions of these previously powerful tracks. They both do just that and showcase the duos first foray into self-production nicely. ‘Speak’ is the third track and that becomes a ballad of piano, string and voice. In some ways, it reminds me a little of the Kate Bush track ‘This Woman’s Work’ melodically. It isn’t far off musically either.

As an EP, this is a lovely addition for fans of the original songs. ‘Undo’ is the stand out rearrangement here but all three are hugely different to their originals. I’m glad it is just an EP though as I think the whispered fragile vocal style may get a bit dull to listen to over ten straight songs but as a short and well-formed trio of tracks, this soothes you to numbness with ease.

Recommended track: undo (a whisper)

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Gracie and Rachel - A Whisper Becomes A Shout



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