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Tiny Fighter – Rewind

Mature pop renditions of rockier anthems.

Sounds like…

Indie-pop with a Scandinavian maturity.

The review

Tiny Fighter’s new album “Rewind” is an interesting pause for thought for the indie-pop band. It contains some new songs alongside acoustic versions of previously released songs. Indeed, it reminds me a little of when pop-rock musicians have their “this is my mature album” moment. Out goes all the big instruments and in come all the traditional ones. Tiny Fighter keeps things interesting by being markedly different from their previous output whilst feeling sincere and grounded.

There are surprises throughout. A cover of “Sprinter” from Torres turns the bold power chords into a sumptuous piano and string ballad. It is a fantastic transformation and Tiny Fighter make the track their own. Elsewhere “If I Could See” is a powerful pop-rock anthem that reminds me of Utada Hikaru’s Fantome album. It is using guitars, pianos, bass and drums but in a pop setting. The other two new tracks “Rewind” and “You Said To Me” are beautiful ballads, the title track having a gorgeous country wane to it.

photo of Tiny Fighter
Tiny Fighter

Whilst country twangs have always had a pillar in Tiny Fighter’s Sweedish/Australian blood, it is teased out further in the acoustic reinterpretations of fan favourites. “Strangest Thing” reinvents itself into a joyous barn brawl. All the small guitars, ukes and twangs really give it pep. “New Century” feels like an Irish pub singalong too. “Happier” is sung in Swedish with some beautiful Latin guitar thrown in for good measure. “Tell Me” has a Charm of Finches dustiness to it as the track builds and builds from a small trickle into dramatic outro. It is the best track on the album and showcases exactly what Tiny Fighter bring to the speakers.

Whilst I wouldn’t say this is the best place to start, fans of Tiny Fighter will love this. Each rendition is expertly crafted and in a funny side story, the vocals were recorded in a sauna. They sound warm and I bet they were too! “Rewind” does much more than feel like a stop-gap between bigger projects and shows that acoustic versions of tracks shouldn’t be looked upon as a throwaway bonus.

Recommended track: If I Could See

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Tiny Fighter - Rewind



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