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Yuval Ron feat Úyanga Bold – Sacred Spiral Review

A mixture of Eastern meditation and Native American medicine music.

Sounds like…

Deep meditative music from around the world.

The review

Composer Yuval Ron teamed up with vocalist Úyanga Bold to create a deeply spiritual album of music. The idea is that each track is a different colour to bring together spirit languages and material worlds together. That sounds very ethereal and difficult to interpret but each track borrows from different cultures to provide a meditation journey.

The album opens with the hypnotic drones of “Ethereal Voyage”. A glass harp is used to bring in beautiful hues like singing bowls whilst whispers, whistles and drone vocals curl around the glassy notes. “Voice of Freedom” brings in the jews harp, brass and throaty devotional freeform vocals. Underneath the main instruments, a swirling drone evokes a windy Inuit styled push. If gospel Inuit ambient wasn’t a thing before, it is now.

Sacred Spiral album cover
Sacred Spiral album cover

James Hood’s hang drum takes the central stage for “Mind Vision Invocation” alongside Bold’s voice for a beautifully serene track. The ten-minute piece is like a raj with running water and light synths washing away behind you. The Bansuri flute moves the album from a more American Plains feel to an Eastern one for “Mysteries of the Heart” before the sitar leads “Water of Forgiveness” for a peaceful raj. Chimes trickle around the sitar and vocals like a refreshing cloak. Add in bird song and you have a mini paradise.

The album closes with two more ominous tracks, switching gears slightly. Whilst “Deep Earth Chant” is all about the vibrations of gongs for some excellent sound therapy, haunting cello brings “Darkness and Light” into a less relaxing or comfortable vibe.

This album is great for anyone who enjoys sound baths, meditation music and something more acoustic and rustic than Deepak Chopra’s more synth-based work. I love how it takes on various styles of healing music and each track feels unique. Yuval Ron has crafted some excellent spaces to rest with and Úyanga Bold has a voice that shapeshifts easily and captivates you on your journey. A lovely bit of sound medicine.

Recommended track: Water of Forgiveness

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Yuval Ron feat Úyanga Bold - Sacred Spiral



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