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Conversations on Death, Dying, Dignity and Respect | Personal Life Update

Why content's been patch in 2022 and some words of advice around dealing with life threatening or terminal illness.

Hi everyone,

It is very rare that I talk about myself on Higher Plain Music – I prefer the music I write about (or the games over on Higher Plain Games) to be the main focus. Long-term readers will notice that my output has been stilted recently. the site will have a tsunami of posts over a few days and then nothing for a few. This is because I’ve been juggling running my one-man independent media outlet alongside a full-time job, but with the added complexity of supporting two quite unwell parents. In particular, my dad has been going through colon cancer and we’ve had a very complicated and troubled post-op recovery since February. Whilst both parents are still alive and kicking, it’s been a very tricky time for all involved.

This led me to record a video about death, dying, dignity and respect. It is a topic that the western world doesn’t really tackle until it’s already too late to discuss. The video is long, conversational, rambly and highlights a few albums towards the end that were quite helpful for me. They are Tori Amos – Ocean to Ocean, Tom Rosenthal – Denis Was A Bird and Tunng – Dead Club. Saying enjoy the video isn’t really the intended purpose, it’s more of a “don’t wait to speak about your wishes and ideas on dying until you have a situation to charge the conversation” discussion. I hope it might be helpful for you all.

This last week I’ve not been posting whilst my mum has been through an invasive but less life-threatening procedure. I’ll be back to posting again hopefully around the weekend. I have over 400 submissions plus my own purchases to work my way through so if anyone is waiting to hear back from me, I do read and listen to everything and if I’m writing about you, I’ll be in touch as soon as I can. I’ll try to spread out my catch-up with double daily postings where possible without flooding your emails or news feeds. Thanks for your patience and support.


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