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Introducing… Collisions

Alt composer supergroup merge genres for a cinematic jazz style.

Collisions is something of a niche supergroup. It is the coming together of three composers – Tom Hodge (Floex, Max Cooper), Ciaran Morahan (Codes in the Clouds, VLMU) and Ollie Howell. They each compose and play in different areas of neoclassical, post-rock and cinematic soundtracks Collisions smashes all these backgrounds together to bring a little bit of everything to the party. There’s a distinct cinematic jazz element to the instrumentation and songwriting style so fans of Glass Museum will be right at home.

The seeds of the collaboration began over 10 years ago when Hodge and Morahan met through a remix on the Erased Tapes label. Finding common ground when coming from music from different styles and genres can be tricky and so the forthcoming freshly announced self-titled debut album is firmly split into two types of tracks. Collision tracks are structured mergers of all the musical ingredients and they are followed by motion tracks. Motion tracks are more freeform, flowing, spacious and experimental. Alongside this, Collisions have been working with cath Elliot to make digital particle art to support the music for live performances. The idea is that as the music shape shifts, so should the generative shapes being created by particle artwork. It looks like a great idea as the particles form images of the band members too. Screensaver heaven!

Enjoy the new single “II”, which was the first track the trio wrote, below. The single is out now. The forthcoming album “Collisions” will be released on the 9th of September.

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