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Introducing… Condor Gruppe

Condor Gruppe create global grooves.

Condor Gruppe are are nine-piece ensemble from Antwerp that is very difficult to define. There is an element of prog-rock to them, a shot of jazz and more than a splash of eastern spiritual culture too. Is prog-exotica a thing? If not, Condor Gruppe could argue a case for it. The ensemble plays the guitar, bass, drums, keys, trumpet, sax, baritone sax and sitar. It’s not your average mix and that’s exactly why I immediately clicked with “Farid”, their new single. It’s a truly diverse sound.

“Farid” brings out the tambura, mixes in handpan, and a psyche-bass and both Latin and Indian percussion to create a global sound. Add in a seductive sax solo and some hypnotic, almost tantric chants and you have a potion for a mystical lure. The track is about being called to the desert and answering the call of the wild. I find the track seductive as if the desert is a mistress but maybe that’s because the world grooves offer a hint of 70s porno soundtrack to it. I mean that in the best possible way! Maybe I should cleanse my research history…

“Farid” is taken from the forthcoming album “Gulliver”, which is due for release on the 23rd of September. The album is available for pre-order now and you can enjoy the superb track below.

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