Avant Garde cello Experimental neoclassical review

Gaspar Claus – 2359 Review

Taking the cello outside of the classical sphere.

What does Gaspar Claus sound like?

Usually a more traditional neoclassical cellist, this is Gaspar Claus getting experimental.

The review of Gaspar Claus – 2359

The cello is an instrument that has a wide variety of expressions and it is increasingly being used in more percussive and synthetic ways. On French cellist Gaspar Claus’ album “Tancade”, he chopped up pizzicato cello plucks into a Ferris Wheel of notes on fire with the track “2359”. This is the basis for a follow-up EP that allows Claus to explore his more experimental side to great effect with “2359” getting its own EP.

Gaspar Claus

The original track is superb. Claus runs cello plucks that feels like it belongs in the techno orchestra world. Both melodic and at times aggressive as metallic synths soar in to back up the wheel of plucks, it is a piece that really sells alternative cello as a genre. The EP brings along an excellent techno reworking of the track too. “2359 (Night Blossom version)” adds in a pulsating beat and plenty of doubling up of plucks and riffs to take the track to the dancefloor officially. There are no new synths included, the song doesn’t need them. Instead, the plucks are panned out like an echo chamber for maximum cascade effect.

Two new tracks are included from Gasper Claus too. The first is “Amour constrictor”, a b-side from Tancade. This is a beautiful piece that a rising bass riff that underpins the other melodies, adding a framework of tension to the otherwise quite beautiful work. The final track is the eight-minute apocalyptic “Recycled future”. This track was commissioned to create a track for what 2070 could sound like. Gaspar found loads of pedal loops from his archive of memory cards for live sets. He then recycled them into a new piece that feels dusty, worn out and hollow in a dystopian way. It is heavy with noise pollution meaning every cello string draw sounds damaged and weather-worn. Those who love melodic death drones will love this.

It’s always fun to see an artist exploring some of their more experimental side and that’s exactly what “2359” is for Gaspar Claus. I hope the French cellist decides to double down on this more avant-garde side again as he clearly has a talent for it.

Recommended track: 2359

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Gaspar Claus - 2359



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