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Quantum Dot – Random Causalities Review

Euro indie pop with plenty of oddities.

What does Quantum Dot sound like?

Oh Land meets Sylvan Esso.

The review of Quantum Dot – Random Causalities

Mixing together club electronica sensibilities with smooth trip-hop and power ballad elements are Quantum Dot. The Luxembourg-based trio straddle that alternative side of clubby pop with some interesting instrumentation and ideas. They also bring along a bit of Nordic pop for the ride and a dash of Eurovision with their songs largely hitting that three-minute mark. If you are a fan of Oh Land – you’ll be in heaven here.

Quantum Dot

The EP reaches a broad stretch of pop taking you from the dancefloors on the standout track ‘Breaking Bones’ to vocoder warped vaporwave-tinged ballad ‘Killerlove’ with its unusual chorus. What Quantum Dot does well is enhance a bass line, single melodic instruction or vocal treatment in a weird way. For ‘Breaking Bones’ is making the bassline warble and bend like the entire track is made of rubber and it is wilting. On pulsating piano-led ballad ‘Okay’ it’s the twisted electronica glitches that permeate around the main melody. On the warm but moody power ballad ‘Riverbed’ it uses backing vocals like a chewed-up tape synth as keyboard pads. The trip-beat ‘Clean’ holds empty space between different instruments which makes the track stand out. The song sounds like it’ll be a rockier number only for it to be extremely chilled but succinct with every note. The jangle pop of ‘Fast Forward’ is like Sylvan Esso on a sugar rush but the dance beat is taken from the club whilst the music is taken from an indie pop number. It all works nicely by staying 85% safe and then having an element of crazy. It is what makes Quantum Dot sound unique and have character in a saturated market.

The more I listen to Quantum Dot, the more they signify the European indie pop landscape. It’s a bit twee, a bit camp, quite moody and delightfully odd in places. Mostly it’s good fun. Perfect for those moments when you need something a little lighter but don’t want full-blown four-chord anthems but still need that bass. The trio have carved out a nice niche for themselves and can clearly write some decent grooves to boot. I hope they continue to lean into their oddness in the future.

Recommended track: Broken Bones

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Quantum Dot - Random Causalities



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