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Pianist Henrik Lindstrand returns armed with a 16-piece string section – new album in March

Your Lego Builder's Journey composer has been on a composition journey of his own

It is always fascinating to see a composer looking at a different approach to their ‘usual’ modality. Henrik Lindstrand has released a trilogy of piano-based albums and whilst the piano is central to Henrik’s compositions, he felt it was time to try a new challenge. For his forthcoming album ‘Klangland’, the Swedish composer enlisted the support of a 16-piece string section to create a fuller expansive sound. Lindstrand has always been a minimalist composer and that hasn’t changed but instead of pauses for breath between ivory notes, now we have nostalgic and thoughtful string draws. It will be one of those albums where every sound is placed exactly where it should be to create an emotional hue from pure melodies and the space between them.

‘Klangland’ (klang means sound in Swedish) is named after Henrik’s recording studio. Henrik enjoyed working with other musicians as through the string section, sound engineer Francesco Donadello and conductor Robert Ames he felt like a kid in a playground. The latest single of these sessions is titled ‘Jord’. It opens the album and was written by Lindstrand to showcase a melody where strings carry the piano, not the other way around. For fans of his work, it acts like a prelude to showcase the style of music to come and the nuance that adding a string section brings to piano-based music. I was immediately drawn into the track because it sounds homely, noble and caring with a distant eyebrow raise of caution.

Enjoy the beautifully thoughtful ‘Jord’ below, the single is out now. You can pre-order ‘Klangland’ too, which is due for release on the 10th of March 2023. For more details on Henrik Lindstrand, visit his website.

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