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Trevor Something – Bury Me In My Loneliness Review

Bedroom alt-rock anthems to soothe the modern day numbness

What does Trevor Something sound like?

Lo-fi alt-rock full of deeply rooted sadness, regret and a sprinkle of horror.

The review of Trevor Something – Bury Me In My Loneliness

Earlier this year, Trevor Something released his latest album ‘The Death Of’. It saw a transition away from a synth-led dark shroud towards something rockier. Bass synths pulled back and rubbery late ’80s The Cure and Cocteau Twin styled rubbery guitars crept in. Never one to embrace the full glitter of studio production, the music still contained that homemade, lo-fi feel. The album was great but the shift to rock pulled away slightly from the malevolent aggression of some of Trevor Something’s synth work. ‘Bury Me In My Loneliness’ appears to address this as a magnificent follow on EP. There’s been heavy guitar much earlier in this project’s life and this is a return to that sound.

Trevor Something

The three tracks here feel like Trevor Something has merged that drive and aggression of his synth work into his dirty New Romantics era. Each of the three songs on this release are catchy, distressed bedroom rock anthems for the jaded. Whether it is the detuned guitars and floating vocals of ‘Forever Yours’ or the grungy dissonance of ‘Leave Me Alone’ – the misery is strong here. It’s part of Trevor Something’s appeal that the lyrics are moody and mumbly but they always hit home with emotional truths. Here, the gritty angst of the guitars on ‘Leave Me Alone’ and ‘Self Loathing’ especially reminds me of early Tom Vek. The beats are crunchy and forceful. The guitars rage and feel lethargic simultaneously. The riffs and melodies sound effortless but it’s all part of the wider cultivation of being uncomfortably numb to the world around you. It’s a vibe Trevor Something nails time and again and here is some of his best and most immediate work about it.

Whilst the EP is three tracks and over in 9 minutes, these are gems for the alt-rock and indie-pop world. One element that I always take away from the music is a mild sense of b-movie horror. This is ever present with the slight tape warp that affects the overall production sound and quality. That combined with the EP cover being tombstones clearly gives a haunted afterlife vibe I’m excited to see where the project takes. I’m glad to see the resurrection of Trevor Something and long may his music continue.

Recommended track: Self Loathing

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Trevor Something - Bury Me In My Loneliness



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