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Live Vault – Poranguí

A ceremonial passage of musical healing, complete with a fire pit, live in your living room.

Poranguí is gearing up for his new album ‘Beauty Way’ which doesn’t quite have a release date yet. Often a remixer or collaborator for so many new age, world and medicine music, Poranguí’s new album continues to weave ancestral songcraft, traditional instruments and electronic elements into some of the most potent world soul music I’ve heard. Alongside this, Poranguí has recorded a suite of performances at the Sugarshack. Each performance is an extended song; the first released being ‘Rooted Healing’. It begins with a didgeridoo layering with spoken word from Ashley Klien. Then breathwork, drums, vocals and many other instruments are layered into what feels like a ceremonial trance.

This is a fantastic introduction to the music Poranguí creates and if you’ve never experienced this kind of Earth Music before, this would be a fantastic concert to start. When artists use live layering effectively, I am always in awe of the performance and this is a great example of that. Oh, and there is a fire pit to dance around too. Enjoy ‘Rooted Healing’ below. For more information on Poranguí, visit his website.

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