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Introducing… Future EXES

A summer anthem evoking the best of 90s indie rock for new band Future EXES.

Taking me back to my personal favourite era of indie rock, the 90s, are new band Future EXES. Based in Lille, the French quartet are a mix and match of members from other bands.  Nico is from Obsolete Radio, Luc and Rouag from SCRTCH, and Mathieu from Vautours. Together, they create rock that reminds me of Weezer, Pixies and a slower, more stadium chant driven Green Day. Judging from their first single ‘Never Bored Valley’, there is plenty of potential for them too. The track has a very catchy and shouty chorus alongside some heavy riffs, some muddier intervals and plenty to enjoy. Future EXES clearly are influenced by the 90s but they don’t sound like a tribute act, they bring their own identity along for the ride.

Nowhere is their identity shown more than in the superb music video for ‘Never Bored Valley’. Future EXES are transformed into boy band dolls and get thrown into play with various other toys such as Jurrasic Park and Toy Story. Speaking about the single itself, the band said “Never Bored Valley’ is a hymn to friendship, a tribute even. It’s about having a circle of life that makes you feel supported. Not feeling well? No problem, your friends are there and you draw your energy from them. “My friends are batteries”, as the chorus goes! It’s also an evocation of the virtuous circle whereby all the good humour you give out will be given back to you.

It is a feel-good anthem, perfect for the summer and perfect to launch a new band with. Enjoy ‘Never Bored Valley’ below, the single is out now. For more info about Future EXES, follow them on Instagram.

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