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60 Tori Amos songs for 60 different emotions to celebrate her 60th birthday (Part 1)

Tori Amos has made my life and many other people’s lives so much more vibrant, alive and full of life again with her music. It is a rare gift and as she turns 60 today (or 59 once again according to her messages), I thought it’d be fun to show 60 songs for 60 moods. All a bit of fun under the guise of a general “thank you for the music”, enjoy a full discography tour of all things Tori Amos.

01 – A Sorta Fairytale – for Sunday afternoon drives in late Summer/early Autumn

02 – Speaking With Trees – For when you long for a hug from someone you’ve lost

03 – Raspberry Swirl – For when you need to let all hang out and go wild – probably with a drink in hand

04 – Precious Things – For when you need to protect what you hold dear

05 – The Pool – For when those ASMR reiki videos just don’t have enough ambiguous magic to centre you

06 – God – For when someone says “its all in God’s plan” and you just want to roll your eyes and reply “sure Jan”

07 – Blood Roses – For when you’ve had enough and it’s time to reclaim your power – preferably includes a transformation sequence

08 – In The Springtime of His Voodoo – For when you are feeling foxy about someone but your own hands could do a better job

09 – Bang – For when you’ve passed an exam in science but haven’t found a use for it in your current job yet

10 – Teenage Hustling – For when your new boss, whose only been on the job for five minutes, expects you to do overtime at the drop of a hat

11 – Carry – For when you feel grateful for the lessons others have taught you on the way

12 – The Waitress – For when you hate the players but hate the game even more

13 – Butterfly – For when you are sick of double standards and start to plot your own revenge

14 – Taxi Ride – For when you need the comfort of your friends to make it through the day

15 – Datura – For when you need that chaotic energy calmed and channelled in a meditative trip

16 – Sleeps With Butterflies – For when you need everything to feel like a modern suburban dream like a Stepford Wife

17 – Lady in Blue – For when its time to tell everyone you can play too

18 – Curtain Call – For when you are feeling bitter about your life choices

19 – I Don’t Like Mondays – For when you need something cute to send the kids to sleep but you are so emotionally drained you want to cry

20 – Giant’s Rolling Pin – For when you need your four-year-old to start liking Tori Amos now, please…

21 – The Happy Worker – For if the previous song didn’t work, try this one when they turn six instead

22 – Baker Baker – For when you want to eat your feelings of loneliness

23 – Flying Dutchman – For when you want to let your inner Disney shine

24 – Sugar – For when you need to passive-aggressively remind someone to do their chores

25 – Hotel – For when your remembering tales of your wild youth and thinking “How the hell am I still alive?”

26 – Liquid Diamonds – For when you are in the mood for music and movement and love an immensely satisfying snare drum (try it I dare you)

27 – Russia – For when you want to smash two heads together but need to get in the headspace for mediation instead

28 – On the Boundary – For when you’ve indulged in too many trash soap operas and are now living for them

29 – Jeanette, Isabella – For when not even your shit stinks today. Time to float like the fairy goddess you are.

30 – Metal Water Wood – For when you need to take a deep breath and let it all go

Join me later this week for part 2 of the selection. I hope you enjoyed discovering something new if you haven’t experienced her music before.

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