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BEDSIT – Dead Bands Review

If Nirvana and Alice in Chains came with a slice of English punk anarchy

What does BEDSIT sound like?

Grunge meets punk.

The review of BEDSIT – Dead Bands

When I first heard BEDSIT’s first EP as a full band (it was originally a solo project for a debut EP in 2020), I had one immediate thought. This is exactly what Nirvana would have sounded like if they existed in the UK’s punk scene. BEDSIT are the perfect blend of everything you’d expect from the Seattle grunge scene but with a Northern England two-fingered salute to punk rock too. Taking the energy from both sides, ‘Dead Bands’ is a superb EP to introduce you to a potent mix of explosive rock.

photo of BEDSIT

Signalling BEDSIT’s intent is the blast of power that is ‘Drip Feed’. As with most of the best grunge, the riffs are so simple on the surface but bring an overwhelming surge of energy that you can’t help but ride the wave. The same can be said here. Between the feedback-soaked guitars and the increasingly desperate vocals that become more panicked and stressed as the song goes on, it is a powerful opener. ‘Go Outside’ merges the tinny messy angst of grunge with a peppy punk chorus with rowdy chants and shouts to raise a flag of anarchy. The majority of the second half of the track is a slower-paced dirge and it is here where you can appreciate the vocals of Tom Hockney. He really bellows and roars (but never screams) to the point where his voice sounds raw and it is quite emotive.

The title track reminds me a little of Alice in Chains because of the guitar production and its funkier twang in the main melody. The catchy riffs and impressive tempo-switching bridge into the chaotic guitar solos showcase the quartets’ plentiful skill whilst being incredibly catchy too. Closing track ‘Eloquent’ is a short two-minute blitz of everything you’d have heard from Nirvana’s ‘Incesticide’ or ‘Bleach’ albums. Speedy chords, raucous vocals and an assault on the drum machine – it’s a glorious finale. Extra props for the ‘as live’ final sign off too, as if it has all been a sexy cabaret performance.

BEDSIT really announced themselves as a band to watch with ‘Dead Bands’. Mixing the best of grunge and punk, with a sprinkle of shoegaze, BEDSIT has found a heady recipe for fans of those genres. They sound distinctive and familiar, like a re-edited version of your favourite songs. It is a huge step forward from the debut solo project EP, which was recorded a little too bedroom DIY styled to allow the power of the songwriting and performance to shine through. This more polished garage rock sound, however, is superb,

Recommended track: Dead Bands

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BEDSIT - Dead Bands



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