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Career Woman – Grapevine Review

Big college alt rock anthems full of heart.

What does Career Woman sound like?

Classic jangly indie rock perfect for college radio.

The review of Career Woman – Grapevine

Reminding me of the anthemic jangle rock that I adored in the mid to late 90s, Career Woman returns to our ears with ‘Grapevine’. Expect high-energy alternative rock with big chords, big drums and a happy-go-lucky undercurrent that makes this EP sound like a breath of fresh air.

photo of Career Woman
Career Woman

Melody Caudill, the lady behind Career Woman has an ear for bombastic rock that sounds just the right level of skater-friendly and alternative. In the uptempo and intricate ‘Passing’, part of the fun is hearing the different explosions of beats as the verses and choruses add peps to their steps. The bright guitars and anthemic bloom of ‘Lady’ make it an alt-radio classic in waiting. Melody’s voice is perfect for that Americana rock edge. She can belt it out and sound slightly peeved at the same time rather than sounding bubblegum poppy.

That said, ‘Grapevine’ covers a lot of styles and moods in five tracks. ‘Jupiter’ is a more restrained track that packs a punch but focuses Melody on her lower register. ‘Do you think I’m a robot’ is a slower burn with a lot of heart and soul. Between this track and the closer ‘I Like You (patience)’, I get more of a Belly vibe from Career Woman than the first half of the EP. The more mid-tempo, less fuzzed-out rock gives the band more twang. I think it’s because the guitar riffs are very rhythmic and given the room to breathe. These two tracks are unrushed five-minute bodies of work that meander, whereas the others pack more radio punch. All the tracks work though and it showcases Career Woman’s strength in songwriting.

Bringing the full alt-rock college radio package, Career Woman’s ‘Grapevine’ is a sterling EP. There are enough big riffs, drum fills, sad breathy vocal moments and big triumphant high kicks to make all the college kids happy… oh and this 39-year-old longing for MTV of the 90s back again. A great throwback without sounding dated.

Recommended track: Passing

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Career Woman - Grapevine



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