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Frou Frou – Breathe In (single) Review

Imogen Heap and Guy Sigworth team up to make Frou Frou, the fantastic alt-pop duo (although now defunct it seems for now). Their first and only single “Breathe In” is a beautiful pop song that paved way for an excellent album “Details”.

“Breathe In” showcases funky keyboard/guitar synths and Sigworth’s trademark whooping drum beats and stereo echoing keyboard loops that echo around your ears. Add on Imogen’s sublime vocal talent and quirky lyrics and you have a summer pop hit in the making. More of interest to collectors though is the sole Frou Frou b-side “Close Up” which is much darker and edgier than the A-side and I actually prefer it. It’s got a bass grizzle to it that really drives it forward.

This single makes for an excellent introduction to Frou Frou and Imogen Heap’s more recent work so if you like what you hear jump straight in.

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