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Whispers of the Plains #1 – Interview with Gary Lucas

Welcome to Whispers of the Plain – our new segment which will hopefully take a weekly interview with our musical talents we like to look out for here at HPM. Our first edition of Whispers is with Gary Lucas, whom we talked to about preparing for the release of his début album.

So how are you finding recording your new CD?

It’s been a learning curve for sure. With my songs I often feel like i’ve been a painter but haven’t been able to see what I’m painting…listening back to my voice and my songs in a fuller form is like opening my eyes to what i’ve painted. Some things I like, some things I don’t. If anything, recording this CD has simply been about learning what I sound like and what I’d like to sound like in the future now that I think I know what I’m doing..hopefully!

Doing it all yourself do you find you have to be nifty with what your doing or does it alter how you ultimately record your songs?

I wouldn’t say alter. I’ve only had little experience with recording in a studio and never settled long enough to feel comfortable. My lack of equipment is certainly limiting certain things I can do. I don’t even have a mic stand so I can’t play and sing at the same time which is something I really want to do next time. However, it’s been really interesting doing vocal takes without playing an instrument…I feel completely bare and i’m paying a lot more attention to the actual sound my voice makes.

Do you have a song that represents your catalogue the most that you can recommend for first time listeners?

Definitely ‘Half My Life In Headphones’. I tried to fit as much of me in there as possible. It talks about how much I listen to music, how much i’ve been recording music and particularly about how I often allow the music to mould me and my emotions. So, on one hand, i’m recognising how strong an influence music is and has been in my life while also beginning to understand that it shouldn’t be everything.

When will you be expecting your album to be finished?

It’s finished! And thank goodness for that! I had a great time making it but am glad it’s done now – my ears are having a well deserved rest!

And will you be playing anywhere in support of its release?

Nothing is planned at the moment. I haven’t performed live for a long time. I honestly didn’t think i’d be doing music again until the beginning of this year when suddenly it took over my whole life and simultaneously saved me and nearly finished me off.

Are there any more instruments that you’d like to learn to play?

Firstly i’d like to improve on the piano but if I were to learn a new instrument, I think it would do me good to play drums and improve on my rhythm.

Who has been your most recent best new find musically?

Hmm – well, I guess Katy Perry found me rather than me finding her, she’s everywhere at the moment. I do have an evil dark pop side to me.

In honesty, I haven’t found much new music recently. I’ve been so wrapped up in my own music but now that it’s all done, i’ll soon return to searching for new artists. I want to want to though, rather than do it out of habit.

I guess my last best new find was a band called ‘The Gadsdens’ – check out their song ‘The Sailor Song’ – really nice melancholic piano-pop with a unique male voice. [Ed: We will]

Who would you like to see yourself in a collaboration with in the future?

Ha, in a dream world or realistically?

Dream World – Amanda Palmer

Realistically – …anyone with passion and an open mind

Do you ever have a motto or a life affirming saying you like to say to yourself?

“Ah well…”

What would you consider your dream Sunday?

Waking up at 11.30am to tea and maple and pecan cereal (i’m going into too much detail aren’t I?). Playing piano until mid-afternoon when friends come over for a big Sunday Roast, followed by seeing Harry Potter at the cinema! Go home with many snacks of the chocolate and crisps variety with everyone relaxing and playing music/singing. Leave the washing up ’til Monday.

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