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Most Viewed Artists For December 08

Last month was Higher Plain Music’s biggest month to date with almost 2,000 views in the month alone and two of the busiest days of the sites history. In December Sarah Slean topped the tables after threatening to do so for the past few months. However due to region restrictions we were unable to buy The Baroness Redecorates to review it so we will have to wait until its released over in the UK for download/CD release before we can do so. Nevertheless – Happy New Year and here’s Decembers top 10!

01) Sarah Slean (2nd Last Month/ 3rd Month on Charts)

02) Hiroki Kikuta (6th Last Month / 3rd Month on Charts)

03) Charlotte Martin (1st Last Month / 3rd Month on Charts)

04) Vienna Teng  (New Entry / 1st Month on Charts)

05) Gackt (New Entry / 1st Month on Charts)

06) Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra (7th Last Month / 2nd Month on Charts)

07) Aoi Teshima (New Entry / 1st Month on Charts)

08) Julia Marcell (New Entry / 1st Month on Charts)

09) Stephane Picq & Pierre Esteve (Re-Entry / 2nd Month on Charts)

10) Joe Hisaishi (Re-Entry / 2nd Month on Charts)


  1. The Sarah Slean album for the Baroness Redecorates has had it’s region restrictions lifted. It is now available internationally on her official site.

    Happy New Year,


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