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Tanya Donelly – “Sleepwalk”

Tanya Donelly returned in 2001 with “Sleepwalk”, a 4 track EP that preluded the excellent “Beautysleep” which was her second solo album. Three of these tracks were not on the album so it’s quite a nice collectors item for people who love all things Tanya.

“The Storm” is the only song taken from “Beautysleep”. It is such a beautiful song that’s both harsh in the verses and serenely gentle in the chorus’. If you enjoy this song then it does set up “Beautysleep” perfectly with its downbeat melancholy wistful ways. “After Your Party” is a short acoustic waltzing western song. It’s simple and pretty although not my favourite, it showcases Tanya’s ability to be intimate with you.

“Days of Grace” is the uptempo track on the EP. With a full band, Tanya struts out with a great catchy chorus and pre-chorus with a slight twist of country guitar and plenty of organ. It’s the kind of song to do photo montages to and feel warm and reminiscent. The final track is “Last Rain” which is a acoustic rock ballad. The lyrics here are some of my favourite of Donelly’s and fits into the sound of “Lovesongs for Underdogs” whilst capturing the generally lost and unfound feelings found on “Beautysleep”. A personal favourite.

If you’re a fan of Tanya Donelly’s work, then this is a no-brainer must buy. If you enjoy acoustic based folk/rock then this should feel right at home with you too and provides an excellent introduction to this wonderful ladies work.

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