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Whispers of the Plains – Gregory Douglass

We loved Gregory Douglass’ latest album “Battler” that much we hunted him down for a quick interview. Here is the multi talented singer/songwriter who gives us a little insight into recording as an independent artist.

For someone who’s not heard your music – how would you discribe it?

Evocative Alternative

You’ve released most of your albums by yourself. How hard a nut is it to crack and do it right?
Got a few days for me to answer this one? HA! The very short answer is that it takes a lot of consistency and patience : )
How long have you been playing and what was your first instrument?
Since middle school really – I started with piano and then moved on to guitar, learning how to play Tori Amos and Ani DiFranco song by ear and eventually trying to write my own.
How much has heartbreak contributed to your songwriting?
Lots of it : ) I’m also very perceptive to other people so I write about other peoples heartbreak a lot too…
What are your main musical influences?
Kate Bush is pretty much my goddess. Tori Amos, Jeff Buckley, Peter Gabriel, Imogen Heap, Sarah Slean, Sarah McLachlan, Joni Mitchell, Patty Griffin, Ani Difranco & Suzanne Vega take the cake as well…

If you could create your own fantasy music festival, who would the top 6 headliners be?
Ideally, a mixture of amazing indies as well as bigger names – Anais Mitchell, Mieka Pauley, Syd, Chad Perrone, Lisa Piccirillo, Edie Carey, Christopher Dallman, Mary Cutrufello, Acoustic Minds and myself of course for the indies. Grace Potter, Regina Spektor, Scott Matthews, Andrew Bird, Sarah Slean, Rufus Wainwright, My Brightest Diamond, Brandi Carlile for the bigger names as of right now : )

Why Six Feet Under?
Lots of people told me it would change my life and little did they know just how much it would – it was an unexpected source of inspiration to say the least and I always pay attention to patterns that the universe presents to me – I’m glad I headed everyone’s advice to watch it!

Is there any other instruments you’d like to learn?

Yes, the cello and the drums!
What’s next for Gregory Douglass?
Good question – I may have an opportunity to write a musical this summer so we’ll see : )

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