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Crayon OST Review

Crayon OST is the soundtrack to Crayon Physics Deluxe, an indie game. A three track soundtrack was released for free and it contains some of the most dreamy game music in recent memory.

Stian Stark’s “Crayon Dreams” is a beautiful breath of fresh air. With dreamy soft piano and acoustic guitars leading the melody, there’s a backing vocal and what sounds like a summer breeze or wave crashing in the background. It all adds to the atmosphere that you could just close your eyes and be swept away with.

“Afternoon Snooze” by Alec Holowka follows the same vein but adds in some keyboard samples too. It reminds me bit of something you’d find on a chill out CD or Chill FM. It’s laid back and its melodies slide around and become a zen like force to listen to.

The final track is my personal favourite. “Lullaby” by _ghost is a simple acoustic guitar and vocal sample piece that wades in from a paradise lost, seeps warm tender kisses to your ears and then gently rolls into the sunset waving goodbye for now. One of the prettiest songs I’ve heard in an age, it’s a bit like when I heard “Castle in the Mist”, “Heal” and “Continue” from Michiru Oshima’s Ico soundtrack and instantly connected with their looped etherality. There’s just a connection that you can only describe when you get it. It’s here with this simple song.

If you enjoy chilled out relaxing music, this is an absolute must have and anyone who enjoys the lighter side of music will seek instant comfort with this free downloadable soundtrack. Relaxed perfection.

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  1. Nice article. I love this soundtrack and I totally was going to do a review, but you’ve done it more than justice. Props.

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