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Most Viewed – April 2009

Slightly delayed it may be, but here are the top ten artists that have been viewed for April 2009 which saw a bit of a change at the top with Utada taking top step from Tori Amos, Vienna Teng & Sarah Slean! Congrats to everyone on the list and here’s to another great month which will be full of new content (and a bit more prolific than last month!). However, it was our second busiest month of the sites history despite it being one of the quietest in terms of new content. May will be a busy one!
01) Utada (RE)

02) Tori Amos (^)

03) Vienna Teng (^)

04) Sarah Slean (v)

05) Brendan Perry (v)

06) Dead Can Dance (NE)

07) OverClocked Remix (v)

08) PJ Harvey (RE)

09) Akira Yamaoka (v)

10) Hiroki Kikuta (RE)

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