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Tori Amos – “Midwinter Graces” New Album Tracklist

toriamosTori Amos will be releasing a Christmas album! Entitled “Midwinter Graces” it will seemingly delve back to the older spirit of Christmas and being more of a Solstice theme. As its Tori we can expect something a little different from your average Christmas album. The only two Christmas albums I own and play outside of season are from Sarah McLachlan and Emily Richards so Tori’s got her work cut out! The track list is as follows:

01 What Child, Nowell
02 Star Of Wonder
03 A Silent Night With You
04 Candle: Coventry Carol
05 Holy, Ivy & Rose
06 Harps Of Gold
07 Snow Angel
08 Jeanette, Isabella
09 Pink & Glitter
10 Emmanuel
11 Winter’s Carol
12 Our New Year

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  1. This is exciting! I can’t remember any album of hers I didn’t respect, let alone enjoy. And for this album it doesn’t look like she’s picked the same old Christmas songs.

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