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Broadcast – “Pendulum” Review

British band Broadcast are quite fantastic and I’ve only just been introduced to them (thanks Wears the Trousers). The first EP that I’ve bought of theirs is Pendulum and is summed up as dial up rock!

The music of Broadband in general is rock but the strange heavily processed syntheriser is just as important and prominent as the guitars. “Pendulum” is the opening track and has plenty of drums and the vocals are so silky smooth, it matches and takes away the really hard edged synths being used. It just sounds like a dial up connection being connected, but in a tuneful manner. It’s quite strange and can really flange into your ears and pierce them if you have it too loud, but that’s half the point. It digs right into your mind and rocks about in there. “Small Song IV” focuses on Trish’s whispy vocals glazes over bass guitar and computerised feedback noises. It’s quite interesting to listen to as got a slight eerieness about it.

“One Hour Empire” is like a spaced out lounge bar track or James Bond sneak-em-up track. It’s been heavily processed to be very close to the speakers and sounds like a real mash up of all kinds of ideas in a tuneful abstract way. Great for hiding behind corners to then sneak around on your walk to work or school! “Still Feels Like Tears” has an interesting duel feedback running through it, like an organ and guitar feedback have been fused together. This is possibly the most rock orientated track on the album and the most accessable from an outsider.

“Violent Playground” sounds like The Go Team! had a baby with Akira Yamaoka – both playful and slightly eerie but very spaced out, this almost freestyle end of gig drum backed freakout is great for just letting go. “Minus Two” is the final track on the EP which is full of all kinds of bizarre noises and is like an improvisational freakout again while flying through a psychadelic hedoism. Bizarre and quite unique.

“Pendulum” is definately not for everyone, and many won’t appreciate the fact it tries its best to go anti-hook, anti-chord and anti-guitar for a rock band. However it is completely unique and experimental and deserves credit for being completely compelling listening and it will draw you in if you take thew bait.

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