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Whispers of the Plains – Corrin Huddleston (on Red Steel 2)

Playing the harmonica and jews harp, Corrin Huddleston has been used for various different projects as well as previously being involved in his own blues band. Here Corrin speaks about how he got involved on the Red Steel 2 soundtrack and about his weapons of choice:

You’ve been involved in quite a lot of projects over your musical career, how has the music industry changed for you as this is your first game project?
As a player I’ve had the good fortune to have worked on numerous and varied projects over the years. Unfortunately, it seems, the recording industry has changed dramatically in the last 5-8 years. All the PBS beds and jingle work and other things that had come my way have evaporated. I am not alone. Its another “new age” so I play whenever I can with whomever might require musical assistance.

How did you get involved on Red Steel 2 and how did you get on with Tom in the studio?

Tom found me through another musicians referral in NYC. What I can say about it is that he is really a brilliant fellow. Its pretty impressive when you walk into his studio and hear some of these tracks at performance volume. There is so much going on and it is all created through his ears. Layer upon layer and nuance upon nuance. Initially,as with many recordings nowadays, he had asked if I could record at my home and send it via internet to him. We live 5 minutes from each other in the same town….so I said why don’t I just come over? He agreed.

How did the Jews Harp then end up on the soundtrack?

Tom had in mind just some Country western form of harmonica playing but I always carry an arsenal of instruments to unknown sessions “just in case”. It was a good thing. After recording a few parts Tom inquired if there were any other unusual instruments in my bag. I pulled out the  Bass Harmonica and an assortment of “Jews harp”..the very basic “twang twang” piece of metal you gently lay between your teeth and slightly opened mouth…and then pluck the “tongue” ( a thin flat metal piece) and breathe in and out from your diaphragm which creates a whooshing  as well as opening and closing the oral cavity which. alters the sound so you can change the pitch. Then there is the Bass Harmonica which sounds like a didgeridoo but much lower and ominous and can be played in different keys. It weighs about 4-5 lbs.

Tom listened and asked for different lines to be played in various spots and recorded some other sounds for his library. He orchestrated one line with another and mixed them in and …..well he has a moving piece of art. Its great.
I am happy to be a part of of the Red Steel 2 soundtrack. Many times a musician may play on some music and it is very forgettable. Not this!!! This is just 100% very, very cool!

We’d like to thank Corrin for his valuable time and insight into the behind the scenes of making a soundtrack and wish him every bit of success in the future


  1. Hey Corrin – Thanks so much for your awesome work on the game. The “real-life” feeling of the music was something that everyone on the project felt was key, and finding someone with your talent to bring that to life was a real blessing. Thanks so much – and here’s hoping there’s a return to these themes somewhere in the future! 🙂


  2. Corrin….remember me? A date in 2004…..I just listened to your music video…..nice…really enjoyed it. My daughter told me that she saw you at Mateo’s a few months ago….small world.

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