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Peter Comes From Neverland – “Peter Comes From Neverland” EP Review

Last week we introduced you to Peter Comes From Neverland with his fantastic live performance (go see if you’ve not seen him in action, its great) and now we have our mits on his debut self titled EP. The four track CD gives us an insight into not just where Peter’s come from but where he is going too.

“Trigger” is a hook infested timeless rock track. The vocals that burst into chorus and have a certain production value to them remind me of T-Rex, where as the guitars are both deep and spangley all at the same time crossing the boarders of funky 70’s and introspective 90’s in one fell swoop. The result is something that is easy on the ear and if you let it in, taxing on the brain. It also demonstrates Peter’s versatile vocal range.

“Airplane” has a live quality to it and sounds very 1960’s vinyl in its production which is quite warm touch to what is a more whimsical song that is more acoustic although it has a shuffle to it. However just because its acoustically based, the song is actually very busy and really well constructed and rewards repeated listens to find new nuances you didn’t hear first time round.

“Absorb” is a more straightforward guitar/piano/vocal track with echoing piano embellishing an intimate little track. Again the song writing and production make it feel like a home concert for one and this little corner of solace is nice to bathe in.

The final track “Ballons” returns to the plugged sound of the opener but reminds me a bit of Stone Temple Pilots when they were in their Tiny Music… era. This song is real album closer as it starts out quite funky and then breaks free into a real headbanging finale as the tempo kicks up a notch and the electric guitar wails come thick and fast. It’s a really satisfying end to what is an all too brief glimpse at someone with massive potential.

Peter Comes From Neverland fuses all kinds of fantastic twists and turns into his sound that you don’t always pick up first time. From infectious riffs, wailing guitars, Peter’s amazing vocal abilities and the top notch production, this has been one of the most exciting new EP’s I’ve came across in the entire time I’ve ran HPM (that be 2 years then). Two thumbs and two big toes up!

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