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Game Review: Chime (PC)

Chime is a fantastic new puzzle game on the PC which moulds the best from Lumines into a jigsaw musical madness trail.

The Concept

Listen to the song, arrange the blocks into 3×3 blocks and then watch them build your score to the beat!

The Gameplay

Chime starts off with a giant grid of sqaures. You are then given different shaped blocks to fit together to make solid blocks of 3×3 or larger. Once you hit that size they blocks will disolve into points and this happens as the beat line crosses the screen from left to right, thus building chains together if you can keep building blocks up as the beat line goes across. However each time the beat line crosses the blocks you’ve not yet got rid of, they deplete in life and after a few passes over, the blocks die and halt your multiplier!

There is one rather large extra factor to take into consideration however. Your overal score is also judged by how much of the playing field you have created disolving blocks on. Where you’ve made your mark the background turns from dark blue to violet. You need to have scored on 50% of the playing area to advance to the next song which is easy to start with but as the blocks and playing areas become more tricky to slot together, this proves a challenge. What is more challenging is the prospect of getting 100% coverage. It’ll take some time!

The Graphics

Everything is about the blocks but it all runs at a snazzy rate and dispite initially confusing gameplay, the graphics certainly aid your enjoyment in the initial discovery.

The Sound

The songs available are a vast range from Philip Glass’ worldly music to more trance and dance tracks. Each one is given a 3, 6 and 9 minute version which loops and the music suits the game perfectly.

The RePlay Factor

I’ve been busy trying to 100% the early levels since the day I bought it. The later levels are much more a challenge and so I shall be getting to grips with those shortly. It absolutely has all the one-more-go addiction that puzzlers need and you’ll be hooked!


~New twist on gameplay and the coverage dynamic really does keep things fresh

~Music and gameplay in harmony


~Be prepared to spend serious time being addicted!


Easily my favourite puzzle game of the last few months, for £3.99 its an absolute steal. I recommend Chime wholeheartedly!

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