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NUREN Kickstarter combines music, film, game and VR into one huge experience!

A Virtual Reality musical experience

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Game Review: Smurfs 2 (PS3)

Easy as blueberry pie…

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Game Review – Jazzpunk (PC)

Have you got the McGuffin?

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Game Review: Doki Doki Universe (PS3/PS Vita)

This cartoon will analyse your very soul

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Game Review: Toki Tori (PS3)

Bring me… THE CUTE BIRDY!!!

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Game Review: Soundodger+ (PC)

Get your reflexes ready – we’re musical dodging!

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Book of Potions

Game Review: Book of Potions (PS3)

Bring me the cauldron!!!

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Walking with Dinosaurs

Game Review – Walking With Dinosaurs (PS3)

Edutainment at its Best…

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Game Review: Brothers A Tale Of Two Sons (PS3, Xbox360 & PC)

Welcome to one of the greatest games I have ever played…

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Beyond Two Souls PS3

Game Review: Beyond Two Souls (PS3)

The line where game and movie collide is blurred in this masterpiece

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Puppeteer for PS3

Game Review: Puppeteer (PS3)

This puppet platforming game is amazing with no strings attached

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Ibb and Obb Screnshot

Game Review: Ibb and Obb (PS3)

Ibb & Obb is a magical platform adventure designed for pure local co-op heaven

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Project Phoenix Kickstarter – Time to Get JRPG’d!

Having admired Larry Oji, Nobuo Uematsu and Donna Burke I am delighted to say they are part of an almighty kickstarter project that I’m rooting to be a success. Project Phoenix is the title for a JRPG experience that intends to be made from a tour-de-force of game, art, story and sound leaders. Frankly – […]

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Picture of Cloudberry Kingdom

Game Review: Cloudberry Kingdom (PS3)

2D Platforming just got evil… and HARD!

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Do Not Fall Game

Game Review: Do Not Fall (PS3)

So as the PS3 enters it’s final life years it’s really lifting the lid on indie and smaller games being released and some of them are fantastic. One that may have passed you by last week is a title called Do Not Fall. It is fiendish! Dressed up in cute graphics that imbue a last […]

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Game Review: Diggs Nightcrawler (PS3)

The Wonderbook came out at the end of 2012 to little fanfare and a less than impressive chart entry. The problem? I’ve no idea. The Wonderbook is beautifully made, feels very high quality and works a treat with Book of Spells. Diggs Nightcrawler takes things a little different by using the Wonderbook literally as a […]

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Game Review: Little Racers Street (PC Game)

Originating from XBL, Little Racers Street is a cute throw back to the Micro Machine era of 16 bit top down racing where it’s not about power-ups and whacking each other, it’s about racing in the pure arcade sense. Taking part inside a town, each race takes place in a section of what feels like […]

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Game Review: FromPulse (PC)

FromPulse is the latest rhythm action platforming game to grace our controllers. Taking the form of a side scrolling rolling ball/alien you roll (curiously from right to left) hitting various buttons to the beat of the game. It’s all very BitTrip Runner or Mevo and the Grooveriders. Is it any good? Well yes in a […]

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Skylight (PC Game Review)

Skylight is a simple game and one that you can get through in a matter of minutes in its simplest form. A game of precision and momentum, it’s a first person bounce-em-up! You are constantly bouncing across a seemingly endless ascending stairway of platforms. There is actually an end to it as each 10% of the level […]

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Game Review: Micy Roll (PC)

More rolling hi-jinx on PC comes at the expense of Micy Roll, a new game to be released on Desura. You control a mouse that wants to collect ink splats to colour the moon. These types of games work purely based on the physics and this is where I found Micy Roll a bit of a struggle. […]

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