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Immortal 4 Announced

The C64 and Amiga seems to have its own niche in the VGM market and with the announcement of Immortal 4, its time for Amiga fans to be excited again. The double CD set (like 3) is likely to have all the original composers of the tunes arranging them all over again with live instrumentation or with new tech wizardary. Release date is December and the themes scheduled to be included are Atomino, Benefactor, Big Run, Cannon Fodder, Capital Punishment, Dangerous Streets, F17 Challenge, Fascination, Final Fight, First Samurai, Flashback, Flink, Fury of the Furries, Future Wars, Gauntlet 3: The Final Quest, Jaguar XJ220, LED Storm, Leisure Suit Larry, Lemmings, Liberation: Captive 2, Paradroid 90, Puggsy, T-Zero, Tales from Heaven, TFX, Turrican 2, Ultimate Body Blows, Walker, Wing Commander, Wolfchild, Zarathrusta, Zeewolf and Zeewolf 2: Wild Justice.

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