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Classic Console Game Review: KP Skips Action Biker (ZX Spectrum)

Oh goodness yes, KP Skips as in the crisps! Mastertronic, budget games galore of the 80’s and 90’s (and still pottering about now I believe) collides with prawn cocktail flavoured goodies to present a quite awful game, even for Spectrum standards! For some reason “Clumsy Colin” is sleep biking and needs to find his friend in one of the 150 houses in the neighbour. However with traffic and oil slicks everywhere you will get too frustrated to bother. What’s worse is the graphical flickering when the game needs to scroll which is so offputting it makes you crash.

I’ve never completed the game and found the errant friend (I got annoyed trying to find headlights to go through streets with no street lamps on and gave up) but I really don’t feel I’ll be missing much for now until I try again for Higher Plain Games.

Dull, flawed, un-user friendly – avoid! There’s more goodness in a packet of Skips!

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