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Game Review: Tumble (PS3)

Now that PlayStation Move has been out for a week, I’ve had a good go a several of the games and for me Tumble is one of the highlights. It’s intuative motion control coupled with just-one-more-go mechanics really lets this puzzler let rip.

The Concept

Think Boom Blox and you’re not far off. This motion controlled game is all about building towers out of mishaped blocks, blowing them up or fitting as many on a table as possible. While it doesn’t sound immediately earth shattering, its got that easy to do, hard to master challenge down to a T.

The Gameplay

Gameplay falls into four categories. The first is trying to build the highest structure with what you’ve got while trying not to topple it over. The second is placing mines to detonate blocks into the different score zones. The third is trying to fit as many blocks onto a small table as possible (much harder and thought provoking than it sounds) and the fourth is a prism/block/lazer puzzle game. The Playstation Move follows your every move and is used to select your bricks. You use the trigger button underneath to pick them up and then you move the controller to where you want to place your brick – once its placed you can let get of the trigger and hope it stays there! You can move camera angles easily with the move button and while you can twist yourself about to turn blocks around, you can “flick” the move controller in a direction and the block will spin that way. Sometimes however when you do that it can smack into your structure and then its game over!

It all starts quite easily to begin with but when different shapes and textures come into play after the opening zone of levels you’ll be pausing for thought, tentatively placing the blocks down as gently as you can and breathing sighs of relief when the clock strikes zero and its still standing! It just has a tense atmoshpere to it if the game gets you hooked.

The Graphics

Tumbles graphics are overly clinical. The almost solid white backgrounds and pristine blocks are devoid of character. In some ways it lends towatds the whole tense challenge feel and it also helps to not have such a busy background when your really eyeing your next block placement. It’s like a science experiment!

The Sound

Background music doesn’t interfere but top marks go to the sultry female vocal that introduces every level and keeps you up to date with how many medals you’ve still got to get. You can almost see her taking off her safety glasses and throwing her hair about like a Herbal Essence ad…

The RePlay Factor

I’ve said it already, but this has got the just-one-more factor. Every level is rated in medals so you’ll not settled until they’re all gold. Most levels have two to three secret medals to find too. There are mutliplayer challenges to be had too but I’ve yet to really delve into them as the one player mode had captivated me.


~Unique twist on a tried and tested puzzler

~Great showcase for PS Move

~Just one more go….and another


~Perhaps too clinical and clean for some


I’d take a game with oodles of gameplay and thought over snazzy graphics anyday. Tumble is emersive, tense and nerve shredding. It’s a must-have for all PS Move owners to show exactly how precise it can be and is a great puzzle game in its own right.

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