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Game Review: Nimbus (PC)

Nimbus is a delightful new PC game available on steam that mixes racing and physics based puzzlers to make for a intuitive and fun racing puzzler.


The Concept

Nimbus has no story. It’s just about you propelling a rocket that has no forward motion other than gravity from the start of the level to the end. You must use whatever you can find to push the vessle and do so in the quickest time.

The Gameplay

Each level has a drop point and a place to crash into that’s chequered like a chequered flag. To propel yourself about each level is full of cannons. Your job is to navigate yourself from one to another. There’s also locks to find keys for, travelators to ride on and lots of objects to bump and grind out the way. Each level adds more complex notions but the goal remains the same. Don’t crash, finish fast. Each level also has a gold medal to collect if your feeling brave.

The physics are well thought out, almost like guiding a leaf around a maze. The controls are easy to pick up and you immediately understand how to keep your rocket going as long as possible. Its genuinely fun to work with and youget real satisfaction when you complete the levels.

The Graphics

Nimbus features a warm cuddly graphical style, almost fabric like but more akin to its namesake, a fluffy cloud. I particularly like the whisp that follows your aircraft around as if your making art in the sky too. Everything is crystal clear and that’s crucial for a game of this nature.

The Sound

Nimbus’ soundtrack is also as fluffy and delicate as its graphics. Not catchy but more elevated than mood music, its fits into the game perfectly.

RePlay Factor

Nimbus is intially about the challenge of completing the puzzles. Once you’ve done that, you’ve got 68 gold medals to collect too. If you manage that its all about the leaderboards. I was all excited when I charted in the top 100 on one of the levels so if you can master the shortcuts and string together perfect driving skills, you’ll be battling for the top for a long time.


~Easy to pick up

~Leaderboard loving

~Crystal clear graphics and easy mechanics make for great drop in/out gameplay

~Perfect learning curve


~Currently has a bug where if you’ve got more than 10 friends on a leaderboard it crashes to desktop


Once the solitary bug is fixed, Nimbus will become a classic game that challenges your dexterity, brain power and precision. A fantastic indie game that deserves a lot of peoples attention, give it a whirl and make pretty patterns in the sky.

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