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Tune-Yards – “Hatari” and “Real Live Flesh” Single Reviews

Tune-Yard’s “Hatari” single has two additional non album tracks which both deserve to be picked up by completists and fans alike! The first b-side is “Hap-B” which is a vocal montage of hollars, chants and train honks. The song moves along at a brisk pace backed with uke guitar and would have easily been good enough for the album proper. The second b-side is “Hatari (The Small Is Beautiful Mix)” which takes some of the vocal lines and speeds them up a tad to give an ethnic flavour and adds a samba-esque beat that sticks out but the main core of the song and the general power of the production push remains the same and untouched. It’s a clever mix that is a good alternative.

“Real Live Flesh” has one new track and that’s called “Youth” and fits perfectly into the albums sound. The lazy guitar riff and cutlery percussion works well together almost like its the chillout track of the album that was never added.

Tune-Yard fans will find two great b-sides and a clever remix here if they chase down these singles digitally and they are all worthy additions to the Tune-Yard collection.

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