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Classic Game Review – Advance to Mayfair (ZX Spectrum)

Having been on a Monopoly trip of late I managed to source a not-so-licenced version of the game for the ZX Spectrum. Sadly I almost wished I’d never bothered! The game contains no graphics at all (bar the loading screen) meaning your playing the game blind on poorly fonted menu’s and it only allows one human player vs the computer. Each menu is laborious to navagate as you must scroll through every property every time and if you’re making selections you must type the full property name in for anything to happen.

More criminally, there’s no trading, no ability to sell houses or hotels back to the banker to pay debt nor does the game seem to remind you what you’ve mortgaged or bought already. No wonder it makes a fuss about being compatible with the ZX Spectrum printer – you need to make your own board to work out whats going on!

Utter tosh, avoid at all costs – the worst Monopoly game I’ve ever played.

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