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Game Review: Shift Extended (PSP Mini)

As with all great puzzle games, the crux is usually in its simplicity and ability to hook you on for one more go. Shift Extended, released as a PSP Mini and playable on a PS3 does just that.

The Concept

Essentially the games concept is get a man across one full screen of puzzles and traps to reach the door. Oh how simple…

The Gameplay

Shift Extended’s gameplay focuses on one thing, the ability to turn the world upside down. The game is completely monochrome and when you press a trigger button your character (room provided) flips over the line from black to white or vice versa as the room becomes a mirror reflection of itself. You now can move around different aspects of the screen as what was once air is now land and once again vice versa. What starts off as a simple switch and run ends up being a minefield of power ups, spiked ledges, colour changing blocks, keys and sub doors. Cue head explosion!

The Graphics

With the game being completely monochrome, its certainly distinctive if low key however the characters animations are great for a Mini and everything is without fuzz even on the PS3 – something of an achievement for a Mini!

The RePlay Factor

One of the biggest strengths of the game is that it has a perfectly balanced learning curve. Things are introduced relatively quickly but not without a proper explanation and example level of how they’re used. The same premise doesn’t feel dull or tired and there’s over 150 levels to work through.


~Simple gameplay that hooks you in

~Lots of levels

~ Novel concept that feels fresh hours in


~ If you don’t like puzzle games, the later levels will do nothing to convert you over (but that’ll be your loss to be frank)

~ No online scoreboards


I really cannot fault the game at all. I felt right at home from the word go as it eases you in with some easy triumphs. This lures you in for an easy ride and you’ll have your smile wiped quickly off your face twenty or so levels in.

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