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Game Review – “The 2D Adventures of Rotating Octopus Character” (Mini)

Despite having a name that feels like it’s been translated directly from some weird internet tool word for words, Rotating Octopus Character is actually a fun little mini adventure and best of all, it uses only two buttons. X to jump. O to change direction.

See our little Octopus is constantly in forward motion and he clings to any walled surface going, be this a levels outer wall or a tree in the middle. Baby Octopuses descend from the sky and land across the level and its your job to collect them all. What starts out as a simple navigational puzzle quickly turns into a precision test as you need to reverse and traverse out of traps as the levels get more and more challenging.

The graphics are simplistic but very bold. You can always tell what’s going on and where you’re going.  The sound itself does a good job to not irritate and keep the chirpy theme going.

There’s around 70 levels in all and then a timed challenge afterwards and so for 24mb you’ve got a good challenge for a couple of hours.


~Simple game mechanics

~Fluid game physics means that when you die you know its your fault, not bad game design


~Appears to only save your progress per section of levels rather than per level.


Fun, relatively addictive and with a challenging but fair difficulty curve, our Octopus friend is most welcome on our TV screens. Let’s hope next time he gets a name!

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