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Sheri Miller – “Winning Hand” Review

Sheri Miller popped onto my radar a few weeks back and I had to grab her latest EP “Winning Hand” to hear more. With a delightful blend of catchy rock but with hidden depths beneath the outwardly mainstream veneer, it’s a great collection of tracks to treasure.

“Spoons” is adorable. A country uptempo jig with a sweet vocal ad-lib bridge, Sheri’s vocals show a great diversity and range from powerful rock to cute girl band chorus as she sings “we fit just like spoons”. The ukulele is whimsy and it’s just a cute sweet track. “Winning Hand” swings out to the country side of Sheri’s vocals as things go for middle-of-the-road country rock. The guitars all mesh together beautifully and the production is very slick.

“Satellite” is possibly my favourite from the EP with some real outback chugging acoustic guitars and a catchy chorus. There’s a real fluidity to the guitars and vocals and its more punchy than the previous two tracks. “Everybody Feels This Way Sometimes” shows Sheri’s attention to diverting from the traditional rock formulae with use of different samples and noises for muted verses before breaking into anthemic choruses. It showcases the ease at which Miller can transition between different moods and it makes for interesting music throughout. “Hungry For the Truth” closes the EP with a great anthem which show a darker side with a lot of non bright happy chords and reversed guitar samples and some fantastic lyrics.

What “Winning Hand” does is let Sheri Miller touch base at several different styles around the same alt-country rock genre yet the songs all stand out as different. That’s a testimony to the production which is top-notch and the songwriting abilities of our singer/songwriter. Higher Plain Music will certainly be looking out for a full album release to see what other surprises Sheri has in store for you can’t help but feel she’s just scratching the surface with this moreish morsel.

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