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Bjork – “The Crystalline Series Omar Souleyman” Review

Wow is all I can say for this three track digital single. Omar Souleyman’s reworkings of “Crystalline”, “Tesla” and “Mawal” are simply a work of dense precision art. Each track has be transformed into a bouncing electro bollywood number as a digital sitar beautifully works its charm. With Crystalline Bjork’s vocal’s interact perfectly to make a bouncing but catchy track. Tesla has more of Omar’s voice chanting than Bjork but the two fit beautifully as they warp round eachother. There’s a lot of frequency changes throughout the single but that just makes the dense note changes even more mesmorising. “Mawal” closes the single in style with a third awesome vision of Eastern Iceland.

As if I wasn’t desperately wanting Biophillia already, now I’m positively panting for it. Single of the year by far.

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