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Game Review: Blokus (PSN / XBL)

Blokus – Gameloft’s version of the board game is a great little addition to any family gamers collection and a simple game for strategists.

Blokus is played as a 2 or 4 player game where everyone has to get rid of all their strange shaped block pieces of their colour. These come in shapes of 1,2,3,4 and 5 blocks. The two big crux of the game is that your pieces must touch diagonally with each other (so no sides of the some colour touch) and the game board is not begin enough for everyone. This then leads to the method of blocking. Blocking is placing your blocks around others so they can no longer proceed onwards in certain directions. Within three or four moves everyone is busy crossing over each other and causing havoc.

With the main game is sound, there’s a small single player tournament where the AI is competitive. You can play online although the community is small and the PlayStation version is move compatible and this does work as a good alternative to the controller. I believe the electronic version is better than the real game because it can tell you if you’ve still got moves available or not when sometimes you’ve missed a small one block opportunity somewhere.


~Great, clean adaptation of the board game version
~Nice Move support
~Genuinely fun for all the family


~No one seems to play online


It won’t take the world by storm but it’s solid five-minute gameplay makes it good for quick-fire strategy and plenty of one more go opportunities. A hidden gem amongst the downloadable titles.

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