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Game Review: Funky Lab Rat (PSN)

One of the few early Move titles that really had me coming back for more was Funky Lab Rat. A simple but deceptive platform / puzzle game, it’s a cheap but devilish treat.

The twist for Funky Lab Rat is that you can pause the game and then rearrange the level with limited moves. The opening levels revolve around just moving platforms however that leads way to pausing during each jump to shuffle things along and then once the lava gets in the loop, the difficulty increases. There’s 100 stages and some extra stages for DLC should the rat get into you.

The game can be controlled with the normal PS3 controller but the Move controller works equally well which is surprising given the precision needed for each level is a testament to character physics. While the graphics are simple they more than do the job.


~Precise platforming techniques
~Sometimes multiple ways to complete a level
~A game with character
~Steady learning curve


~Nope… I’m struggling!


Funky Lab Rat is a fantastic game. It does everything it sets out to do without any downfalls and while I’m sure it could have had more special effects and a sweeping music score, the appearance it has suits its almost indie like quality. Perfectly judged – a fine piece of gaming.

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