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Rachel Sermanni – “Black Currents” Review

Hotly tipped new artist Rachel Sermanni is starting to make waves with her new EP “Black Currents” which as any good EP should, opens windows to Rachel’s musical world.

“Breath Easy” is a delicate acoustic guitar song with washes of piano and strings  that breeze in and out throughout. Rachel’s vocals are a mixture of the simple purity of Emiliana Torrini and the husky undertones of Sarah Blasko with music matching a mixture of the two as well. “The Fog” is a darker, more immediate track that has a surging power in the choruses and an eerie pulsation of the guitar in the verses. The pizzicato string arrangement is kooky and willow wisp ooh’s evoke a dream state gone wrong. It’s a fantastic track. Title track “Black Currents” mixes the previous two tracks to provide a mature sound for someone so young that ebbs and flows and waltz along effortlessly before “Song to a Fox” utilises some minimal ambience and keyboard effects to perfectly emphasis the emptiness and space between us all in a sombre closer.

Rachel Sermanni falls perfectly into the acoustic rock female movement that is already crowded – but there’s always room for more. Each song is has tenderness and a bite to it and also a layer of depth. Hopefully Rachel’s talent will shine through to plenty of new listeners and we have witnessed the birth of a great musician taking flight.

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