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Relevant Discord – “The Refrain / The Days of Deferment” Reviews

Relevant Discord are a band from Oregon, USA and have released two singles to date to introduce themselves to the world – and they do so with aplomb.

“The Refrain” takes all the best things from power chord rock we grew to love in the early 2000’s, all the best parts of grunge rock vocals and then adds a background symphony of keyboards and strings and places it in the melting pot. The results are a track that’s instantly catchy, heavy, dramatic and one that also has a certain something that separates it from the usual emo-esque riff rock.

“The Days of Deferment” takes things a step further to the symphonic side while the mosh heavy main riff plays out over an audio wash of strings. It’s fantastic how the production fills every single piece of the speaker and bursts into life without it becoming overcrowded.

With their first two singles out, we are now eager to get our mits on a full length album! Relevant Discord have quickly become our power rock symphony of choice and we encourage everyone to join in on the drama.

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