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Game Review: Auditorium HD (PS3)

Music and puzzle games. What a great combo! Auditorium HD is the PS3 version of the PC game that has taken off quite nicely, and now has just been released on Steam too. It’s a treat to behold but its also very difficult to finish.

The goal in Auditorium HD is the bend a stream of light around various buttons that you are placing on the screen into pockets that look like volume bars on a stereo. If the light passes through the volume goes up and that instruments volume turns up. Get all the instruments playing in a level and you’re onto the next section. Each song has several screens to pass and while the songs are either classical based or modern based, it’s all very serious stuff and there’s nothing massively catchy about the tracks themselves.

The buttons you have either refract the light depending on how big or small you make them, can help change their colour, split the light, amplify or nullify the light – generally mess things around. There’s often more than one way to things and there’s no clues to help you. Often in later levels you can spend ages working on one theory to find actually you’ve been barking up the wrong tree for ages. I’ve still yet to get to the end of the game myself!

That however hasn’t stopped me enjoying it immensely though. It’s a unique concept that whilst it could do with a few more catchier tracks thrown in for a more fun vibe, it’s execution and sheer brain numbing head scratchers it leaves you in makes for a great cerebral gaming for a very long time!


~Unique concept in a puzzler

~Open ended approach leaves for multiple ways to solve each puzzle

~Some lovely colourful visuals


~The music itself isn’t the most catchy

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