Ian Narcisi – “Phone Call to Infinity” Review

Ian Narcisi  whom we featured last month, released a 3 track EP back in 2010 and while he works on his first full release we felt it was time to shout about this little nugget of goodness.

“Absent Today” is a wonderful kaleidoscope of keyboards, guitar harmonics and smooth vocal montages. Far more than your average performer, Ian seems to be able to pick up any instrument and rock it with some great synth brass floating around the speakers to make things stand out.

“Five Below Nothing” opens with a grande piano solo which then gives way to some of the strangest time signatures I’ve witnessed in a rock song in ages. It takes a few listens to really get the extra funky verses that free flow beats all over the shot. It’s one of Ian’s best features – being able to showcase the unusual  in a usual light.

The closing track “Behind the Dawn” is the most straight forward track, a dark and damp rock anthem with lots of ethnic twists on the guitar. Ian’s vocals burst into a more angry void from the more hypnotic tones of the earlier tracks and here things are more visceral.

It’s a wonderful introduction to some stunning musicianship and Ian’s handle of instrumentation is of the highest calibre. If you want to be impressed by a new rock artist – Ian’s your man.



Categories: alternative, music, review, rock, singer songwriter


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