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Iamamiwhoami – “In Concert” Review

Part YouTube sensation, part weird audio/visual hybrid – iamamiwhoami released a weird one off concert that appears to take place real time but does actually cover a nights worth of continuous footage. Released online then quickly taken down, you can still buy the MP3 of the concert but if you can track down the actual concert, you get the full effect. Essentially this concert is the entire Bounty singles put together in one continuous mp3 with some extra reverb and some minor tweaks here and there. There’s a lot of synth ambient in between some of the songs as they clump together in twos or threes and then have a transitional ambience section. It’s rough round the edges but the vocals appear to be pre recorded. I’m not entirely sure if that’s true but they are note perfect if they are! Still, you can buy the entire thing for 89p and for a whole hours worth of music, that’s a ton of value. Although not massively different to their originals, any fan of the artist I think will take a lot of enjoyment from it.

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