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Chipzel – “Super Hexagon EP” Review

Chipzel has made a great little chiptune EP for the mobile game Super-Hexagon which has hit the stores recently. Sounding very similar to a cleaned up ZX Spectrum in all its glory each of the three tracks are stonking!

“Courtesy” has that Spectrum vibrato it the high notes and the track certainly goes through certain phases of heightened drama and it makes excellent use of white noiz for a percussive bass. “Otis” steps things up a bit with a much more chiselled main synth cutting through the speakers and its sparse use of stereo sound for just one of the chipsets really gives the track a more fuller feel than it has a right to be. The riffs keep coming with the track changing every 16 bars at least. It’s more like a tense medley than a single track. “Focus” initially sounds like its on a more modern chipset but then it descends into a frenzy of old skool sound effects and rising arpeggios and you’re suddenly into a blood rush again.

Chipzel’s Super Hexagon EP is short at 9 minutes, but there’s whole lot crammed in. Chiptune enthusiasts will enjoy this one!

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